Buy a private number plate

Regardless of the mass-produced temperament of cars, your bond with then is very personal. A number of car producers permit near-endless changes when purchasing a latest model and some car owners go so far as to provide their car a name. Though, for some car owners the final way of making their vehicle exclusive to them is a private number plate.

The rise in the personal number plates industry is a rather new. Nearly 25 years ago, if a car’s number plate displays a phrase, word or name, it was just a coincident, because number plates were produced depending on the location of first registration and age of the car.  Regardless of this, sellers were having prominent success selling number plates with rather a few characters, or ones that tend to spell out phrases and names.

How can you purchase a private number plate?

There are usually 3 most common methods to purchase a private number plate. The first is to purchase separate plates privately, the second is to contact a broker or company and the most usual method is to purchase straight from the DVLA.

Purchase separate plates privately

if you want to buy a particular number plate that you know is present in the market, but unable to find through DVLA or broker, it can be worth paying an attention on classified advertisements in newspapers and car magazines’ motoring supplements. The private plates that appear in classified ads tend to be atypical ones, plus they are frequently priced to reveal this.

Purchase plates from a broker or agent

There are a number of companies in the market that sell and purchase private number plates. If you are unable to discover the preferred plate on the official DVLA’s site, it would be great to check out the broker’s sites. Number plates sold via agents or brokers tend to be most costly as compared to those sold directly through DVLA, because you will basically paying for 2 great profits: the broker’s mark-up, and the DVLA’s actual price.

Purchase plate from the DVLA

This is considered as the first path you must try, because it ignores the mark-up of brokers or agents. The DVLA contain an amazing search facility that let you type your preference and explore a range of number plates that fulfils your search terms. They consist of results including current style personal number plates, which mean 2 letters followed by 2 digits, and then more 3 characters. In addition, DVLA also provides a list of prefix number plates – those introduced before 2001, when the current style system was launched. Prefix number plates contains single letter followed by 1, 2, or 3 numbers, with 3 more characters at the end. Also, DVLA organizes number-plate sales from time to time. These are either timed auctions or online auction or physical auctions. You just have to place a bid and if your bid is higher than the other bidders, then you will get the plate.