How Private Number Plates Works

If you are planning to purchase another number plate for your car or bike, then you need to make sure that you are following all the government rules and criteria for private number plates. Keep in mind that a personal number plate have to -

  • Be created from a reflective object
  • Show black numbers on a white backdrop (front plate)
  • Show black numbers on a yellow backdrop (back plate)
  • Not contain a background pattern

From where can you purchase a private number plate?

You can purchase plate from various online portals, including the DVLA website. You need to ensure that your private number place is assembled by a legal number plate provider. Always keep in mind that you need to give formal credentials and your vehicle registration papers to state that you are eligible to drive the vehicle.

What kinds of vehicle needs number plates?

Motor tricycles, Motorbikes or Motorbike are just needed by law for having a private number plate on the back side of the vehicle. The number plate should be shown across 2 separate lines.

Bicycle: at present, there is no regulation that needs cyclists to set up a registration number plate onto their bicycle. But, a report by Halfords “Sharing the Road” published the idea to respondents. Almost 59 percent of people supported the launch of registration number plates for bikes, suggesting that it may stimulate more dependable cycling and hence secure roads.

Towing: If you wish to tow a trailer behind your car or jeep, you need to make sure that both your trailer and car show the same registration number. The private plate should be placed at the rear side so that it can be easy for people to see it who are behind you.

What to do for protecting your number plate against theft?

External items like number plates are the most often stolen things in incidents to theft from car or truck, as confirmed by the National Statistics Office. Number or registration plates can be employed to clone or cover your vehicle in incidents of fuel theft or insurance-dodging. According to the Roland Head, who is the founder of stated that ‘stolen vehicle number plates are usually employed by scandalous for all kinds of offences, comprising vehicle identity cloning, fuel theft from garages, parking offences, and speeding.

Is there a way to avoid this?

First of all you need to follow our suggestion to keep your vehicle thief-proof, including parking in a storage space or in a well-lit area. If you want to take it one step ahead, then you can think about buying theft-resistant number plates. Well, these plates can cost a fortune; however, they are made to resist notorious attack methods, and will break into pieces if anyone attempts to take out them forcefully. If you carefully follow all the aforementioned steps and you’re still the sufferer of number plate burglary, then you should get in touch with the police right away.