Types of Number Plates

If you are planning to buy a private number plate for your vehicle, then firstly you should know different types of number plates. They are explained below -  

Prefix Number Plates

They are considered as the leading seller.  The basic format of these numbers is easy. There is a single number followed by 3 letters. Some of the common examples of prefix registration number are R4 CHS, S73 VEN, R4 NDY etc. basically, these types of numbers are mixed with the year-identifier in the starting of the amalgamation, for example, E465 ANN, D45 SAM, or C21 JON. Arrangements in this group always contain 3 letters and they may be headed by the number range from 21 to 999 as well as the prefix indicators apart from Z, U, Q, O and I.

Suffix Number Plates

These types of personal number plates are mixtures with the year identifier in the last. These kinds of plates were initially launched in the year of 1950 for increasing the accessibility of combinations. The current system is present there for about 30 years but only limited area codes were employed as being a part of this system. Some of them were W, U, R, N, K, H, F, F, E and D. Consequently, this implied that though the first problem of accessibility was resolved, the usual price of suffix plates is now extensively more as compared to the prefix registrations.

Current Style Number Plates

These kinds of private plates were launched in September 2001 by the DVLA to make it simpler to know vehicle history. This style of number plates still includes the manufacturing year but now, it’s shown as a number, for example, 56 to denote September releases and 06 for 2006. 'Region identifier' is one latest addition which is shown by 2 letters in the starting of the reg. HU55 LED, PR05 PER, and DE51 RES are some of the best examples of current style registrations.

Cherished or Dateless Number Plates

This type of number plate is considered as best of the best in the industry of number plates. The reason is simple, they are the primarily allotted amalgamations to follow the 1903 ‘Motor-Car-Act’ which needed all vehicles including, bus, car, bike etc. to become registered and show their plates – under government regulation. Since dateless British private number plates like 'Y 1' and 'JON 321' are said to be the ‘unique cherished marks' they’re extremely enviable and hence change hands for plenty of money.

Northern Irish Number Plates

This kind of registration number is considered as an effective and affordable method to disguise the vehicle’s age because it’s hard for the people to differentiate the year and region of the manufacturer. At present, the format for this type of plate is created with the use of "ABC 1000", in which “BC” shows the city or country and “A” shows its place in the sequence.  These types of private Plates, for example, GJI 23 and JAZ 1234 are allocated with 3 letters.