Personalised Number Plates of Celebrities

The celebrity brigade has arguably been the oldest and most loyal customer of the private number plates industry. BY their very nature, celebrities are attention seeking narcissists. Coupled with their wealth, you can probably imagine the type of private name plates they have purchased. You don’t have to wonder anymore, because we have compiled below a list of seven of the most memorable number plates snapped by UK celebs.

LEW 1S: Lewis Hamilton

To be honest, four-time Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton doesn’t even need to this plate number, since he has been a living in Switzerland and Monaco over the past eleven years. Using a British plate in a foreign country, regardless of the plate’s appeal, is a little anti-climactic, particularly since he paid £200,000 for it.

VIP 1: Roman Abramovich

VIP 1 was originally used by the late Pope John Paul II during a state visit to Ireland in 1979. He used it intermittently thereafter. It was not until 2006 though until the British public took notice when Chelsea’s owner, Roman Abramovich spent £285,000 to get the plates.

EH 1: Englebert Humperdinck

Legendary crooner Engelbert Humperdinck refused to divulge the cost of the number plates bearing his initials, but he did share an interesting story concerning the plate. In 2012, as he was parking his Rolls Royce Corniche bearing the EH 1 number plate just outside Savoy Hotel in London, an Middle Eastern gentlemen approached him and offered him £2 million for the plate! Incidently, Humperdinck also owns 25 AGD .

110 VJ: Vinnie Jones

Former Wimbledon hard man turned Hollywood hard man believes that a good car deserves a good number. This probably explains why he has purchased cherished plates for everyone in his family. Aside from personalised plates for his parents, Jones also got his wife Tanya 99 TJ and his daughter Kaley, 75 KJ.

AMS 1: Lord Alan Sugar

Apprentice star and sugar baron Lord Alan Michael Sugar actually got his signature number plate, AMS1, from his collection of classic Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. What are the odds that one of the cars had a cherished plate bearing his initials?

A7: Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth actually inherited A7 from his uncle, the former King, Edward VII. The fabulous plate is still perched on the late King’s 1900 Daimler 2000cc

BOX 111G: Amir Khan

Former boxing light welterweight world champion Amir Khan got himself an almost perfect private number plate - BOX 111G


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